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Are you a sales person? Are you in a marketing business?

Are you a sales person? Are you in a marketing business? 

I still remember when I started my network marketing business, I was so afraid when some one may ask me this question. Because I knew the answer, I was just afraid to answer it...

But now, I can proudly say it, "Yes, I am a sale person, I am in the marketing business, and who is not a sales person, and who is not in the marketing business..."

If you want to look for a full time job, you have to sell yourself to the employer; if you want to marry somebody, you have to sell yourself to the person you loved; if you want to have a promotion, you have to sell yourself to your boss; if you want to make some friends, you have to sell yourself to the people you want to hang out with... 

It make all of us in the marketing business, right? So who is not a sales person, unless you live in a deep forest by yourself, you don't talk to other people and you don't have social life...

So we all have to sell something, at some point in our lives, either our products, our services, our knowledge, our skills, our experience or even ourselves...

So it is important to learn the closing skill, if we don't close, we can't make friends, we can't find a spouse, we can't get a job, right..?

Especially for network marketers, if we don't know how to close, then we have no leads, no customers, no sales, no recruits, no business...

Are you with me?

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Let me give your an example, how important the closing skill is...

A few months ago, I went to a shopping mall to buy a t-shirt. I met a sales person from a skin care shop, I never used any skin care product before; when I was stopped, I was offered a free skin care service, why not. 

Two hours later, I went back home with a $100 skin care product...

You know, I am the type of person, who only go to the store to purchase exactly what I need, then just turn around and leave.

It is the first time, I bought $100 skin care product, when I only needed a T-shirt... 

Do you see how powerful it is? 

Well, the good news is…

Our business can benefit immensely from such skills! Once we master the skills, we will be able to close more leads, close more sales and eventually close more leaders for our business.

Well, the ultimate goal is to turn our business on autopilot, so we can make true passive income even when we walk away...

But there are two conditions, 

  • The skin care product must have values; it must be working well for the customers...

Otherwise, the customers could have asked for a refund even after they bought it, no matter how good the closing skill is, right?

  • It must be sold to the right customer...

It needed to be sold to the right customer. What if the sales person had tried to sell it to a male of 80-year old, most likely he couldn't have closed... 

Same here for our network marketing business...

So you need to make sure your products, your services, your knowledge or your skills are of values, and find the right customer...

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Now, let me share with you...

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Close for your business...

Over the past several months, I've been using these to create massive success in my network marketing business and make significant profit.

A sales funnel is THE cornerstone of any attraction marketing system; while Closing is the CORE of any sales funnels.

If you don't close, you will not have leads; no leads means no sales, no customers; no customers means no business, because you will eventually break your wallet...

The more your close, the more leads you will have; the more leads, the more sales you will be able to close; the more leads, the more team members, the more business builders and the more leaders you will have for your business...

Sales funnel is just a step-by-step process that guides a cold market prospect from perfect stranger, to customer, and…eventually…to advocate on autopilot. 

Here’s an example…

As you walk down the street, you see a ​​shop is offering free samples, let's say it is ​herbal tea.

If you drink tea at home, then you want to make sure it taste good, right?

You say to yourself, “Oh, interesting.”

And then you walk through the door.

As you enter the store, someone greets you by saying, “Hi, welcome to ​try out ​our free tea sample​... ”

Then person enthusiastically asked you a few questions…

  • “​Which flavor would like to try...”
  • “​Was it too bitter, too sweet?”
  • “​Would you like to try...”

After you answer those questions, the conversation shifts.

The person says, “Well, you know, this type of tea may be good for..., and this other type of tea would be good for..., wouldn't it be nice to...”

You are educated about different type of teas, and how they should be used...

Eventually you walk out of that store with a few bags of tea.

And lol and behold…

You had such a great experience you tell your friends about your experience!

Now you’re an advocate.

And that, right there, is a funnel.

You went through a series of steps that transformed you from a stranger just walking pass, into a customer who is willing to spent twenty or thirty dollars to purchase something that is useful to them – all in a matter of minutes!

And if you really got value out of the education, recommendations, and experience provided by said store, you’ll likely refer all of your​ friends to that shop, right?

So, to recap what just happened in this particular funnel…

Closing is the CORE of the sales funnel.

The sales funnel begins by closing people to become leads, continues by closing people into a customer, closing people into a team member, into a business builder, and eventually into a business leader...

So the entire funnel is built to close, and it doesn't really matter whether you do it on social media or the old school fashion. The foundation is to close people. 

Now, let's get started with our topic, "how to close", shell we?

​Step 1. Believe Yourself, Closing is helping.

Believe yourself, closing is helping. You are closing to help people.

This can help you to build a tough mindset, so you don't get frustrated when you encounter objections or rejections.

Don't take it personal.

Because it will not your loss to be rejected, it is the loss of the people, who just reject you, they reject your opportunity to help them, the opportunity you have offered to change their lives, the opportunity of financial freedom.

You don't need to feel upset, frustrated or depressed for being rejected.

Step 2. Be a good listener.

Learn to become a good listener, speak less and listen more.

People don't care about you, your story, or your success, they care more about themselves, their story, how they can achieve success, so be a good listener.

Listen more to collect more information to build rapport, listen more to prepare your questions to ask them based on the rapport, listen more to find their pain, so they can better help them...

Step 3. Ask the right question.

As a network marketer, you should be a professional question asker. You should ask questions in a way so that the prospects have no choice but to say "yes" to your offer.

So learn to ask the right questions...

Here are some tips:

Try not to ask"Yes or No" questions, because you will not get too much information out of their answer, and you will have 50% of chance to receive a "No" answer...

Acknowledge then ask question back, if you have been asked a question. Don't answer question with a statement, you got to ask question back so you can control the conversation.

Keep asking questions, until you close...

Step 4. Give People Options

People like to make choice themselves, they like to buy, but don't like to the feeling of being sold. 

So always ask "A or B" questions, so people will feel like they make the choice themselves, by choosing either "A" or "B". 

As a matter of fact, both "A" or "B" are the options you give them; still your prospects will have the feeling that they are the ones who make the decision.

They do not feel being sold, because they make the choice themselves...

Step 5. Be passionate and Energetic

In marketing business, somebody always close somebody. 

The one with more passion and energy will always be the one who is closing; so if you are less passionate and energetic than your prospect, you will lose the control of the conversation, you will be closed instead. 

If you are closed, your prospect will not be helped and you won't get the leads or make a sale.

Step 6. Assume they want to move forward

Depending the products or services you are selling, assume your prospect want to move forward, assume they want to be helped, assume they want to reach financially independence, assume they want to make more money...

The assumptions should be reflected in your sentence, your tones and you body language...

Try this:

"Let's go ahead setup an account for you...",

"Let's go ahead file an application for you, see if you qualify...",

"Let's go ahead setup a free session for you..."

Step 7. Take it away

Always show you're caring about them,  make sure you give them the feeling of caring or helping, so try to state your sentence like these,

"I hope this will work out for you..."

"I hope you qualifies for..."

"I hope your situation can be improved..."

Step 8. When somebody smiles and says “Yes”, the others will tend to say “Yes”.

So always be nice to your prospect, smile with an "Yes" to them, by combining with the take a away message, this will become extremely powerful.

​Smile at your customer, "Let's go ahead file an application for you, see if you qualify, yes?"

"Let's go ahead setup an account for you, yes?"

This way, you will be able to get more "YES" than you expected.

Step 9. Overcome the objection before they become objections

Remove the objections, before they ever turn into objections.

What are the biggest objections for network marketing business, "time and money", right?

Try to ask questions to remove the objections before they ever become objections.

"What's the best time to fit your schedule if you would like to do this part time? Weekday or Weekend?" So the "time" objection should be removed...

"What if I can show you a way to supplement your the income, would you want to earn an extra $500 per month or $1000 per month?"

Now, the ​money objection is removed...

Whatever they choose, the objections do not exist any more...

Step 10. Comparison Selling

As a network marketer, we should have more than one product to offer; don't sell, instead compare the features difference among products or services. 

We are not sales persons, we are consultants; we offer comparisons between products, and let your customer to make the choice. No matter what, as long as they make a choice, they are closed already.

All you need to do is to know more about your products or services, tell them what's the feature, advantage and disadvantage between products or services.

So try to make comparison selling, you will be able to close more...

It is your responsibilities to close them.

Believe in yourself, it is your responsibilities to close them; if you don't close them, nobody else will. Then they will not be helped. If they are not helped, they willnot be able to make a change to their lives, they will not be able to make any improvement to their current situation.

You can use these closing skills anywhere;

  • If you used them inside your sales funnel, you will be able to get more leads, more sales, and more recruits;
  • if you used these tactics for old school prospecting, you can get more results.
  • If you use the skills talking to your loved ones, you will get less argument, more agreement.

Even if it just increase your recruit rate by 10%, then your super star may be just in that 10%.  

Fortunately, there is a training course, a system, a platform that can help you achieve all these, 👉👉 FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp. In this training course, you will learn a new way to prospect and recruit for your business using social media, it will show you how to set up a sales funnel with all these closing techniques built in...

If however, you want to grow your business to the whole new level, I would suggest you to learn these skills, because the skills will become yours, you will be able to make improvement to the sales funnel, improvement to your recruit rate, improvement to your teams.

The Sale Funnel

If you are still not able to close a prospect after all these steps, then just let it go, maybe they are having a bad day, maybe they will never be closed, or maybe they will come back in a few months ... 

All you got to do, is to focus on the ​people you just ​closed...

​You continue sharing values and educating them...

And if the prospect feels good about the interaction, you may be able to close a sale on the spot.

Ultimately, if they got REAL value out of doing business with you, they’ll recommend you.

Pretty straightforward, right?

A sales funnel is an automatic process ​to ​close people from strangers, to customers, to advocates, to team members, ​to ​business builders and eventually to business ​leaders ​

The sales funnel continues, until you are able to build as many business leaders for your network marketing business as possible. Not until then, it can become an autopilot money making machine.

To learn more, I suggest you to sign up my, 👉👉 FREE online recruiting bootcamp; in this bootcamp, you will learn how to build a sales funnel, how to properly close people as leads, close them as customers, build them as your team members, making them to become a builder, so that they can eventually become you, become a leader.

In network marketing terms, a good system can help you close more visitors into leads, close more leads into customers, close more customers into team members, then to business builders and business leaders – so that you create true leverage and duplication in your organization on autopilot.

This is what my friends Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero, the Pyjama Bosses, do exceptionally well.

They lead new people through a funnel that network marketers don’t often talk about, because it happens AFTER someone joins your team.

Using an automated, systematic path through their back-end funnel, they build not only a large international team, they also build leaders.

That’s true duplication.

The goal is to close leaders in your business so you can enjoy the true passive income on autopilot even after you step away.

When you build leaders, you are turning ​​your ​business on "autopilot" ...

So you’re making money while you sleep, while you travel, while you enjoy your ​vacation with your family...

Then, the next step in your funnel is, basically, “See you later!”

And that’s the ultimate goal of network marketing – creating true passive income!

So to achieve this with the least amount of effort and distraction, I would strongly recommend you to take my 👉👉FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

And if you have some tips, thoughts, or different opinions, and you would like to share with me, go ahead put down in the comment field below!

Feel free to share or tag anyone you feel may benefit from this.

Build a Business, Plan a Future

Founder of

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