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3 Common Mistakes You should Avoid for Your Network Marketing Business

It was July 4th, Wednesday afternoon, we had a barbecue party at Lake Elizabeth.

We celebrated the 4th of July, the day of independence, we had great food, lots of fun, we watched the firework; everyone sang the independence, cheered the independence, acclaimed the independence.

But are ​we truly independent, I mean financially?

I am thinking about network market​ers; because ​network marketing business is probably one of the most,  if not the most, viable and affordable ways to start a business from home. Especially for those who want to achieve their financial independence as early as possible…

Almost all network marketers dream about building a business to ​achieve ​their financial independence, having enough income to cover the expenses for the rest of ​their lives without having to work full time again.

But very few successful ones, why? 

Because most of us make  mistakes while we are building our network marketing business.

In this video, I will break down the top 3 common mistakes and how you can to avoid them , If you’re a visual kind of learner; if you would rather not to watch the video, feel free to read on...

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We Make Mistakes in Our Business ...

Some of these mistakes can make it extremely difficult for us to run our business from the very beginning; while others can hurt our business in the long term, or prevent us from getting where we want get…

Especially if you find yourself working very hard but still far from financial independence, if you are looking for a new network marketing business, or if you have a business but it is growing very slow or very difficult to grow, this post will be extremely helpful if you want to build a long term business towards your dream of financial independence...

And what stinks is…

I had to learn this the long hard way.

So let me help you here to skip a lot of the frustration I went through and instead learn how to avoid these 3 common mistakes and become a super star in your business towards your dream of financial independence…

Ok, back to common mistakes …

You see, when I first started out building my business, I was taught the old school fashion, I was so desperate and hungry to make profits, and I felt it was not difficult to talk to people; I felt that I had to recruit everyone into my business,  and I did exactly that …

I didn’t anticipate the obstacles, didn’t anticipate how hard it was, didn’t qualify anyone, and did not even know the products I was trying to sell; I just pitched, begged and pleaded so magically I started to recruit any and all types of people into my business. Then 6 months later…

I actually started to hate my business.

The business that was supposed to create more time freedom in my life sucked the life out of me.

It turned into a job that’s exactly what I had hated and worked so hard at to walk away from, if not worse than a job!

I had to beg and plead for people to show up, to stay active with their membership.

I had to listen to their complaints and excuses and had to convince them why they should continue to keep working hard.

I had to deal with many negative people who were not only negging themselves, but also brought other team members negging with them.

Have you ever felt like this?

So instead of continuing to drive my business into the ground, I took some courses, one of them was Free 10 Day Attraction Bootcamp

After that, I just realized that when building a business with people, these 3 common mistakes are the worst nightmare that could potentially chew my dream away sooner or later...

Once I learned how to avoid these 3 mistakes, identify the perfect teammate I wanted to work with, my business became something I enjoyed.

Once I learned to grow my business using social media, my business started to explode…

Just within less than 2 months,

  • I had over 7000 fans on my page;
  • I got over 300 "Leads";
  • I created a list that I can talk to and still growing fast every single day;
  • I started to make quite some profits, although not enough to make a living, still built up my confidence.

Here are the top 3 common mistakes that I made and how you can avoid them to become a superstar for your own business…

#1 Recruit Everyone for Your Business

If you were taught the old school fashion, then you were probably asked to recruit everyone and anyone…

But do you know, not all people are good for your business?

I realized this almost 6 months after I started my network marketing business. But you don’t have to …

  • Some people may be so negative about your business, they may brought other team members to become negative with them.
  • These people are toxins for your business.
  • Some people believe they know everything; they question you for the purpose of questioning, not because they have questions; they challenge you for the purpose of challenging, not because they want to take on challenges.
  • These people are incredibly difficult to work with.
  • Some people are afraid of getting out of their comfort zone, they would rather spend the entire afternoon sitting in a couch watching reality shows than go out to build their own dreams.
  • Some other people are very social, they can easily make friends with other people; do you think you find your superstar?
  • Think again...
  • These people will be difficult to become a leader, when it comes to duplication.
  • Only one type of people you want to look for, if you want to build a long–term business that you are passionate about…, the people who are willing to sacrifice to WIN, they will be the winner if they are not already a winner yet.
  • These are the perfect people for your business; they are easy to coach, they always want to win, they are self-motivated, they can self-grow themselves with minimum attention, they are quick learner, because they want to learn to be successful, they only question when they want to learn.

Here are some key indicators of the perfect people that you need to look for, those who fit these personalities:

  • Ready to take on challenges
  • Have a clear vision of what they want and how they’re going to get there
  • Coachable, they only question to learn
  • Self-motivated and adapt quickly
  • Have a thick skin and don’t care about what others think
  • Desire for self-growth, never stop learning
  • Most importantly, they are willing to sacrifice to be the WINNERs

If you don’t know how and where to find the perfect people for your business, I suggest you to take the  FREE 10-Day Attraction Bootcamp; it will teach you a systematic way to find the most quality prospects using social media …

When you identify the people with this kind of personality, act fast and figure out how to work with them, because they’re going to be successful with or without you.

#2 Not Loving Your Products

Through the course of the 10 Day Attraction Bootcamp and several other courses from Elite Marketing Pro, I had the chance to meet other successful network marketers. I noticed that there was the one thing they had in common, that is, they all loved their products or services.

They use them every day. They’d buy them even if they didn’t get paid to sell them.

Then I realized that my success in network marketing business will be due in large part to my ability to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of my products.

A lot of people want to join the business solely for the money, and they don’t care about the products or services they are trying to sell; as a result, the products become extremely difficult for them to sell. This is why so many successful network marketers started out as customers first.

They grew to love the product and wanted to share it with the world.

I can understand the idea of easy money. Yes, we all want to make money, but your choice of business shouldn’t be based solely on money, it should be based on your passion; it is your business, your dream, your future, you have to be passionate about it before you can share it with the others.

How can you convince people to purchase your products or your services if you don’t even love them yourself?

Once I learned this, I started to study the products I was trying to sell, I carefully examined the features and the benefits of different products, how people could benefit from these, and how they could help people to solve their problems, the more I studied, the more I loved these products…

The more I loved the products, the more enthusiastic I was to share them with the others, and everything became so natural… because they can help people, that’s exactly what I am passionate about.

#3 Not Following Up

I am not talking about continuously chasing your friends and family who have told you they are not interested. I am talking about following up with people who have expressed interest in your product/service or business.

You will miss quite a lot of opportunities to grow your business if you do not follow up on your prospects.

While you don’t want to hassle people, but most prospects aren’t going to sign up on the first call, because they do not know you well enough, they do not trust you, they are still in doubt. Sometimes the timing isn’t right. Or maybe they just need to think about it or to do their own research.

So you need to follow up with prospects consistently and systematically .

If you don’t know how, I suggest you to take the  FREE 10-Day Attraction Bootcamp, it will show you an automatic way to follow up with your prospects systematically; the entire process should be very smooth and easy.

So if the person isn’t ready on the spot, make an appointment to call back in a few days. If they’re still not interested, ask if you can add them to your email list, be sure to send valuable and helpful information and tips.

However, if people are adamant that they aren’t interested, let it go.

They may come around once they see your success or maybe they never will.

But you don’t want to waste your energy and your time by constantly trying to recruit people who aren’t interested, plus it may hurt your relationship with them or even hurt your business.

Once I learned to build my follow up system to talk to my prospects instead of chasing them personally, my life became so much easier, I just need to find a topic, prepare some valuable information and tips that I want to share, my system will automatically broadcast to the list of prospects …

Now, you have read through my blog, learned my opinion, I would love to hear about your thoughts...

What other mistakes could potentially hurt our business?

If you have experienced or you heard others made the mistakes that could hurt our business, go ahead let me know what you think in the comment section.

Which one  of these mistakes do you think is the most damaging one to our network marketing Business?

I asked a question at the end of this video and I want to know your thoughts.

Do you think it’s still possible to get to where you want to get with any of these mistakes?

Answer with a yes or no in the comments section and feel free to tell me more about what you think. I’ve got my opinions , but I’d love to know yours!

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