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A Better Way To Recruit People Into Your Business Online – Rejection Free

​Honestly, there was a time I almost QUIT my freelance entrepreneur dream!

I joined a network marketing business a few years ago; a friend of my wife introduced me. I thought it was a great opportunity, although I didn’t anticipate I could encounter so much difficulty and awkwardness.

I was taught the old fashion way, it  was at a office meeting held by a successful distributor in my upline, a wealthy real estate agent with her own real estate business, who’d also made over 2 million dollars in network marketing.

​In the beginning it sounded so simple, ​just duplicate those examples from the successful people and follow the system.

   ​​"This business, it’s not selling, it’s sharing." ​ 

   "You don’t need to sell; you just need to ​share these meetings with more people."

   "​Just make a list of 100 people, ​and  make ​you way through the list."

   ​​“For every 7 people approached, one would join your team; for every 7 people joined, one would become a super star.”

But the "Rule of 7" turned out to be "Rule of 40" or " Rule of 50" for me; soon enough, I consumed all the 100 friends and family on my list; only two or three joined my team, but disappeared in less than a month and no longer answer my calls. 

Especially when I realized some of my friends were avoiding me, I felt so AWKWARD.

I was also told to relentlessly treat anyone within 3 feet of me as a potential prospect. So

  • ​I chased almost everyone on the street, in ​grocery stores, ​at shopping mall ...
  • ​I drove tens of thousands of miles to meetups, events ​or any private ​meetings...
  • ​I spent ​nights and weekends ​​looking for prospects...

instead of playing with my little ones, but I still constantly running out of prospects. 

​​I ​could not even remember...​


how many times I had to see my little ones' disappointed face, 


how many times I thought if I hadn't started this freelance journey that my little ones could have been much happier,


how many times I seriously thought about giving up my dream just because I never wanted to see my little ones happy face disappear again...

Still no recruits and no sales for so many months...

Let's get real here. There is so much frustration you can consume.

Further to that, for most of the strangers I approached, it either didn't end well or it went well in the beginning, but then they either refused to take my call or blocked my phone number when I tried to followed up with them thereafter. Not to say I spent tons of money on products, fees, home/hotel meetings...

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever thought about keeping your little ones' smiling faces never disappear again?

Have you ever wondered why you wasted that much money, sacrificed that much family time, experienced all the awkwardness just for a dream with no sign of success?

These were the exact feelings I had almost a year ago. 

I knew some people could still build massive business the old school fashion, except that it just didn’t work for me!

… “Give up isn't my style!” so I started to look for alternatives, I searched Google, YouTube, Facebook... 

Grow Business

People were talking about building their business using social media and grow it online.​

There was so much information; I did not know who to trust and which one would work.

So I followed many people who had claimed to be experts, subscribed to many channels on youtube from those who had claimed to make big figures, signed up many programs, courses, trials or books which claimed to solve my problems...

Days and nights for the following several months, I tried and tested at least dozens of programs.

Some did not work; some just gave me misleading or even controversial information; some might be completely wrong; there got to be some useful information...

I told myself, if it was right, "Great", I learned new set of skills; if it was wrong, I will try others... 

Again, I was wrong; it was not that simple. 

The right thing might take a long time to prove it was right; but the wrong thing could make enough damage in a very short time. Not to mention the wasted time and money.

You ​see, the same ​as I ​struggled with my freelance entrepreneur dream, ​I also struggled to ​find the right system and the right ​training. ​

Miracle happens to the people who work hard for it.  

Ok, so much for the hardship, frustrations and complaints. ​Because miracle ​happens to the people who work hard for it! 

I was so hungry for a better solution that I put in time and hard work. So when the right opportunity showed up in front of my eye, the only thing I did was just to grab it. 

You see, I cannot tell whether it was the right system or the right program, but I was willing to put in time and hard work to figure it out...

It took me about 6-month of time and hard work to figure out the easier and better solution, so let me help you skip all the trouble and frustrations that I went through, instead you can just follow my footprints and jump start your business right now...

​With this ​Free 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, ​​you will be ​taught how to prospect, recruit and duplicate for your business using social media... 

The course will be extremely helpful to you if you want to build a successful business without chasing or harassing anybody, if you want to grow a long-term profitable business without sacrificing family time, if you want to turn your business on autopilot even when you are not actively working...

  •  Especially if you are looking a viable way to get out of the 9-to-5 working schedule, or 
  • if you have found yourself working really hard, literally had no time with your family, or
  • if you find your business growing very slow, or even no growth...

​So let me share with you ​...

What I learned within the 10-day training... 

  • how to attract the most quality people to me using social media;
  • how to systematically prospect, follow-up, duplicate and recruit ​for ​my business ​without chasing anybody, without ​wasting any time and money;
  • how to turn ​my business on autopilot, so ​it could grew and​​​ generate profit even when I was not actively working​.

I I started to build my online business following the same strategies as I was taught in the Attraction Bootcamp

The 10 day passed so quickly. So much useful information I had learned in the 10-Day Attraction Bootcamp, but the more I learned, the more I want to try it for my business, and more I used it, the more I loved it. 

I am loving it and am using it every single day; still there are a lot more strategies and skills that I want to learn, so I just keep jumping from training and webinars to more training and more webinars.

Ever since,

  • I ​have been able to attract 5 to 10 quality ​leads to join my list everyday...
  • I have more than 8000 fans and followers on my page and it is still growing fast every day...
  • I have a proven system to follow-up and talk to my prospects automatically...
  • My business has started to grow ...

In addition to the awesome courses, training and webinars, I also found the great mentors who had put these courses together, they had been industry leaders for years with a lot of knowledge and experience, and they are still mentoring me today.

They answer my questions, encourage my progress, lead my directions and point out my mistakes.

Every one make mistakes; so one of the greatest benefits of having great mentors is that mistakes can be found much earlier than they could have a chance to make significant damage to my business.

​A ​proven system with ​mentors of ​industrial ​leaders, ​success will be ​just a matter of time.

There is no doubt about the system, my success is not a single case, I see so many other successes from those who follow the training, the system and the formula. I contribute our successes to finding the right mentors with a proven system to follow. 

There is no question that the attraction formula works; every one follows it will definitely get leads, and definitely make profit sooner or later; it's just up to the individuals who implement it.

​Recently, I went on a cruise with my wife and my ​girls. For so long, I had not enjoyed any time off with my family and kids.

For about 10 days, I did not even touch my computer; it was family time, I did not have any activities related to my business, I did not check my emails or even bother to see if my phone had signal or not. 

​On the day when we came back from the trip, while waiting to get off, l told my wife that I made over $2,000, she couldn't believe it. 😲  

Of course, this may sound a little unrealistic when you are just starting out building your business, but I assure you, it may not be as difficult as you anticipated...

You know, when I just started out, I had doubts, I wasn't confident, I was suspicious, I thought it was too good to believe.

But I was so naive, I just chose to follow the courses, the training and webinars, instead of questioning and challenging it, I just kept working to improve my skills, trying out the new strategies and testing out the new tactics...

Well, it didn't take too long for me to see the hint of success, although I don't consider my business to be a complete success, still I am feeling more confident, and my reward just landed even before I realized it...

Now, my friends and prospects are CHASING ME to ask about my business...

I am seeing my business growing vertically with great rewards...

More importantly, I can spend more time with my kids without worrying about running out of business ever again; I can grow my business and generate profits on autopilot even when I take time off with my family and my kids. 

I am now happy with the solution that I have found, but I know there are still hundreds of thousands of others who are still struggling, going through lots of frustrations, looking for ways to grow their business, or even hesitating about their freelance entrepreneur dreams. 

I've been there, I know the feeling; I have my mentors who have helped me to achieve what I have achieved today; now it is time for me to share with you the opportunity, the system and the FREE 10 Day Attraction Recruiting Bootcamp.

The system is so easy to follow, pretty much any one who can read, type and who is coachable should be able to follow it; as long as you stick to it, be consistent, and put in hard-work, you will achieve your goal sooner or later. 

But you have to act quickly, grab your piece of cake before it is gone...  

So click here to get your FREE recruiting course... 


Don't give up; success may be just around the next corner.​

​I am ​sure you can achieve the same ... I know it's possible because I am doing it!


How would you feel if you could attract qualified leads who chase YOU to join your team everyday?


How would you feel if you could build a perfect brand of yourself with hundreds of thousands of strong followers and supporters?


How would you feel if you could grow your business online without physically talking to anybody?


How would you feel if you could grow your business online without physically talking to anybody?

All without harassing your friends and family, without rejections, without wasting time and money chasing anybody, while you can also enjoy more time freedom with your family and kids at the same time.  

Something is even sweeter. Once you have built the business, it is completely yours; you can run it with your other jobs, you can run multiple businesses at the same time, or you can give it to your kids, when they are ready or if you want to move on with something else.

If that sounds like your kind of business... 

Go ahead click here to access the same recruiting training that I took to start my online journey ...

By the way, ​feel free to share or tag anyone you feel may benefit from this.

Build a Business, Plan a Future

Founder of

P.S. One more thing.

If you’re struggling to build your business online and work with the right kind of people that produce results, or if you are tired of rejections or excuses, this formula is exactly what you’ve been missing.  

It helped me bring in over 500 leads into my home business in less than 2 months. It's a complete step-by-step blueprint for creating an automated online prospecting system. Click here to check out the Attraction Marketing Formula.



An Easy Way To Recruit - Rejection FREE - Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…

Claim Your Free Internet Recruiting Bootcamp…

Duo Zhou

He coaches people to build and grow build a profitable business with unlimited passive income potentials; he works with a team of experts specialized in designing strategies to help families to grow their investment consistently with reduced risk and taxation, to help families and business to prepare for retirement, college planning, asset planning, tax planning... His vision is to provide the best business opportunity to the right people to build a future of financial independence.

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Jerusalem Tabo - May 25, 2018 Reply

I wish your ideas, experienced and your page would be a great help and useful tool for those who want to be successful in online world business.

    Duo Zhou - May 25, 2018 Reply

    I would hope so as well. This is exactly what I setup this website for.

Roldan - June 26, 2018 Reply

Is this,an affliate marketing?thanks for your response.

    Duo Zhou - June 27, 2018 Reply

    “Yes and No”, I am saying “Yes”, is because you can treat it as a affiliation marketing, if you don’t have your own business or your just want to build a business, but don’t have idea about what to sell yet, you can leverage this system to sell their course to earn commissions, then it is a affiliation marketing program; but if you have your own business, you just don’t know how to promote it, or you want to grow it, then you don’t have to sell their product at all, you can promote your own business, then it does not have to be an affiliation program. It really depends on your need. Make any sense?

OVUEMA O ELIJAH - July 23, 2018 Reply

I want to know if there is anything like internet money.
does it really exist. hard work pays but what about all the register for free and watch our system making money for you syndrome?? do they actually exist??? i do not know which to believe.
Ovuema O. Elijah +2348137656318

    Duo Zhou - July 23, 2018 Reply


    This is still hard earned money. Yes, you can earn it over the internet, but it does not mean it comes from nowhere.

    No matter what programs they are, most of these register for free programs are providing values upfront to get people to join their team, this is the process called prospecting, most of the network marketing business is doing the same thing. I can assure you that most of them will provide you valuable information, it is up to you to decide which one you like, and how much valuable information they provide.

    I had the same doubt about 6 month ago, before I joined Elite market pro, I just wanted to test run it, but I fell in love with it almost immediately, because I can learn new skills while earn commissions at the same time.

    Please be noted, if anybody promise that you can earn money easily, then that would be a complete lie. There is no easy money (I mean legit), at least at the beginning phase in this business.

    You still have to invest your time and hard work, you also have to learn new skills at the beginning. I don’t want to scare you away, but you have to put in hard work, and this business will take time, no money will come in just one night; you have to be patient, and improve your skills constantly, then you will sure see your reward sooner or later. I assure you that day will come, as long as you stick to that goal of your dream.


    Duo Zhou - November 3, 2018 Reply

    The simple answer to your question is no, it does not work like that. You can earn money from your hard work, you do not earn money out of nothing.

    This is just a video tutorial to show you how to get started, but it does require you to put in hard work in order to make money.

Boniface - September 5, 2018 Reply

Can use your system work in Nigerian for service base network marketing company that has no physical product to sell and what is the guaranteed that it won’t turn out to another trial on the next big thing?

    Duo Zhou - September 5, 2018 Reply

    Hey, Boniface,

    This is just a free 10-Day recruiting bootcamp, it will just show you some fundamental of the attraction marketing. It is free anyway.

    If however, you want to purchase the entire formula at the end of the course, I believe the company is offering a full 30-day money back guarantee, if you are not happy with the purchase.

    However, I don’t suggest you to step in if you are not ready for the business yet, because this is like any other business, it needs hardwork and persistence before any sign of success. So I would suggest you to think it carefully before you jump into this.

    Take care,


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