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Our Personal Business Tools

Interested in the tools we use in our business as network marketers and home business entrepreneurs?

This is a question we get asked quite often by our team, fans, and followers. So we put this list together to help those who are struggling or who want to explode their business through social media. These are the tools we're using in our daily operations RIGHT NOW!

Disclaimer: Some of these products do have our affiliate link and we do make a small commission when bought. (No extra charge to you of course.) However, these are the tools we use in our business everyday that have helped us create our success. Some of these tools may not be needed in your business. So before buying, ask yourself, "Will this help me reach my overall business goal?" If the answer is yes, then go for it!

Here are 3 type of Tools we frequently used in our business

  1. Convenience Technical Tools: they can save you a lot of work, especially if you want to grow your business to the next level;
  2. Social media Recruiting Tools: these tools include the system and courses you will need to build and grow your business; 
  3. Old-school Fashion Tools: these tools include some video courses to run your network marketing business locally following the old-school fashion. 

Convenience Technical Tools

These ​are convenience tools, you probably don't need these when you ​just start your business; of course, if you want to setup these ​at the very beginning, ​it ​will save you a lot more trouble down the road. ​

​On the other hand, if you have an ​established business ​or If you want to grow you business to the next level, you will definitely need these. 

Because at the beginning, you don't have a large network marking team, you can manually ​handle the ​communications with your prospects, leads, customers or team members, but when your business has grown into thousands, it is impossible to handle manually, you will definitely need the following tools to do the job for you.

This is a lead capture and autoresponder system, once leads are optin, this tools will automatically send responding emails to your prospects, leads, clients or team members, you do not need to send responding emails manually. This is a must have tool if you want to grow your business to the next level.

Social Media Recruiting Tools

​These are the tools ​that needs to be carried out through social media, it has​ pros and cons. ​

The ​biggest benefit is that ​no need to harass friends, families or ​strangers while facing rejections, you can recruit quality people online using social media, ​​you are not restricted to a certain area, you can recruit people from a different ​states or countries.

But the disadvantage is that you will have to pay some cost upfront, for example, paid ads to attract people; and usually these online strategy will take time to be effective, you got to be patient and willing to bear with the upfront investment without any return for a while.

If you are not willing to increase your expenses upfront, there is the old-school fashion tools you can implement, which will also help you to grow you business locally.

Or ​you can ​implement both ​to explode your business.

Elite Marketing Pro Mentorship Program - We had an unfair advantage when we took our network marketing business online. Elite Marketing Pro is the reason we came out of the gates strong and saw results in our business quickly. The daily, weekly and monthly training available with EMP is exactly what you need to learn and implement, with the help of a 1-on-1 coach, as well as us, to keep you focused on growing and promoting your business. Obviously, the quickest way to see results is to have someone show you the way... 

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Attraction Marketing Boot Camp -

In this FREE 10 day online recruiting boot camp you'll learn how to use Google and Facebook to generate leads, separate your hot prospects from the "suspects" and get paid while doing it. You'll also discover how to become the hunted instead of the hunter and get your prospects to call YOU about your business!
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Attraction Marketing Formula ebook

This formula acts as the blueprint for our entire online business building strategy. In this e-book, you'll learn how to use the internet to permanently end rejection and frustration and sponsor people with ease, how to create an army of distributors without having to pick up the phone, and how to create a never ending list of prospects.
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10 Minute Traffic Machine

In this 7 module step-by-step training you'll learn everything you need to create a never ending flow of high quality prospects for your business. You'll become a true authority in your niche as you discover where and how to find your ideal prospects and uncover their hidden fears and desires so you can motivate them to take action. Click here to learn more!

Simple Video Script Formula 

Don't know what to say in your videos? This proven word-for-word formula download has helped us create thousands of leads over the past 6 months. This short word for word script will help turn a 2 minute video into a lead generation machine for your business! Yours FREE!
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Copywriter's Guide 

Very few people have the skills to sell through words alone. This course will teach you how to make 6 figures in your network marketing business this year. We recommend this to ANYONE that is creating any kind of content online. This will help increase your engagement, which equals a more successful business.
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LinkedIn Recruitng Playbook 

It covers a powerful new way to attract the PERFECT prospects & recruit to you and your business through LinkedIn; the strategy is 100% free to attract and generate super high quality leads, making sales and enroll new team members with ease. This playbook will show you how you can get the PERFECT prospects coming to you, without running ads.
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Social media recruiter

This step-by-step social media recruiting blueprint covers how to use secret spy recruiting tactics on social media to rapidly enroll new team members into your business, how to create a massive recruiting surge in your business with social media, without spending a dime. With this these tactics, even a stay-at-home mom personally could sponsor 278 people, and build a team of 8,300 reps. and creates a multi six-figure business using this one little-known social media strategy. This blueprint would be great for anyone want to use social media to build your network marketing business. Ready to explode your network marketing business?
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The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post 

This free report reveals 10 surprising secrets about how to effortlessly create traffic exploding and money making blog posts, because with these 10 secretes, your content will virtually write itself.
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5 Winning Headline Formulas

This bonus offer is free if you grab it from here; this report describes the 5 proven ways you can instantly grab your prospect's attention and pull them into reading your sales letter or watching your video.
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Old School Fashion Tools

​The above tools will take time to be effective and need some upfront investment. If you are tight in budget, here are the ​​old-school fashion tools, which can be effective immediately; ​you can grow your team ​without much investment. ​Here are ​training ​video series for cold market prospects ​that can help you grow your business locally.

If however, ​you want to compare these ​different tools, ​or you want to implement both tools to explode your business, click here to check out more on social media tools.

Here is a video series using the old-school tactics to prospect strangers on the street, taught by Cesar L. Rodriguez, who is the founder of the reality network and prospect king, who shared a 6-word formula, CCQTTC - Compliment, Converse, Qualify, Transition, Take-Away, Close with the Intent to bounce.
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Here is a video series using the old-school tactics follow-up with the prospects, Watch videos & Listen in on private phone calls & hear Cesar Rodriguez call prospects, setting appts, & closing people live! (Digital Delivery).
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